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Leaving the Getty

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Plan your departure

As you plan to end your employment with the Getty, be sure to review the following information to help ensure a smooth transition to the next stage of your personal and professional journey.

Exiting checklist

Discuss plans for your departure with your manager

Human Resources or your manager will make arrangements for you to return all company property, including laptop computers, mobile devices, procurement cards, etc.

Turn in ID badge and automobile hand tag to your manager, on your last day.

Review your options

Review your options for continuing benefits and contact HR to complete any necessary action steps. See the COBRA Initial Notice and 2024 COBRA Rates if applicable.

Retiree benefit options

If you’re retiring, review your retiree benefit options and make your elections.

Please remember to inform us if you move or if your personal contact information changes. We do love hearing from our former colleagues.

Benefit options

Retiree benefits

If you’re retiring from the Getty, it’s important to consider your future health care needs and your benefit options — through both Medicare and the Getty.

In retirement, the Getty offers a Retiree Medical Plan or Retiree Medical Subsidy Plan. Please see the Retirees section of the website for more details.