The Getty Transportation Program provides incentives for using alternative means of transportation to work. The program is provided in partnership with the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Employees can earn rideshare points by commuting to and from work using one of the alternative methods listed below. One point is awarded for each day. You receive an AQMD Personal Day when you accumulate 100 points. To log your points, go to Employee Self Service.

Taking the Bus

The Getty reimburses you for bus/transit pass expenses. For information on transit options and resources, email HR@getty.edu or call 310-440-6523.

For step-by-step directions on submitting for reimbursement of your purchase, see Commuter Pass Purchase and Reimbursement.


Carpooling is a good option if you want to reduce commute costs and share the ride.


Vanpooling is an option for all the Getty staff. Metro provides a subsidy toward the cost of your vanpool, and the Getty does too. For more information, contact Hilary Martinez at 310-440-6223.

Pablito Shuttles

Our new shuttle service will pick up from the Metro Expo Line and Orange Line stations. Riders can reserve a seat and pay for a ride using the app. The shuttle ride is provided to staff at a discount. More information can be found at Getty GO.


A healthy option, plus you earn rideshare points!